The ONLY true food grade takeup on the market.

Bryant, inventor of the Telescoper® takeup, revolutionizes belt tensioners again. Bryant introduces the only belt tensioning device certified by NSF International and approved for direct contact. Featuring a 304 stainless steel body and slider and composite food safe seals, this is the only takeup on the market that eliminates any standing surfaces for food and debris. By incorporating a 304 stainless steel insert bearing, this unit eliminates the need for a separate stainless steel pillow block and housing – saving you and your customer money.

  • Rounded body eliminates standing surface for food and debris
  • Stainless steel shields protect and cover the bearings preventing food and debris build up in the collar and bearing
  • Pliable seals clean the slider assembly and keep the adjuster assembly free from food and liquid
  • Stainless steel adjuster is fully encapsulated in the housing
  • Integral, self-aligning spherical ball bearing ensures a perfect centerline for optimal load distribution
  • Sleek design ensures easy and thorough clean up