FreeSeal® Telescoper® Brand Takeups

Our Telescoper® brand take-ups were the first to solve the problem of conveyer belt take-ups seizing in contaminated environments. We went on to provide automatic take-up for belt and chain stretch, quick release mechanisms for wash-down applications and internal hydraulics for heavily loaded applications.

Coatings and Lagging

Our TuffCote® Durathane® Lagging brought all of the superior performance characteristics of urethane to the light and medium duty pulley market. And it did so at pricing competitive with even the lowest grades of traditional rubber pulley lagging. We have gone on to develop numerous additional compounds for a wide variety of specialized and demanding industrial applications.

Precision Forming – Airform®

Many years ago, the conveyor industry asked us to solve the problems of excessive run-out, long lead times and indifferent service they faced when buying tapered rollers. They wanted to avoid tooling costs. They wanted greater design flexibility. They wanted shorter lead-time and lower costs. We gave them AirForm® – the revolutionary  forming technology invented by us and our partners at MJC Engineering & Technology. AirForm® provided all that the conveyor industry asked for and then some: no hard tooling, the ability to produce any taper angle, reduced costs and set-up charges, and far greater precision and quality than anyone thought possible.